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Anon_231147 posted:
An indiividual age 37 ids forfcing her 15 month old to continue to breastfeed. She even exdpects him to dig his face on her breast or pull her blouse up. He has to show her how bad he needs it. He has asked her for a bottle she tells him no.
This morning she started a peek a boo game with her boobies, that is what she tells him to call them. What should I do? I have talked to her but she refuses to listen.
Anon_176100 responded:
Have you asked her about pumping and giving it to him in a bottle so he can still have bm but make him happy at the same time? Does he stay at home or go to daycare? I think it is great that she is able to bf for over a year but do you think she may have any underlining issues that you are not aware of?
Anon_82276 responded:
If she'll pump, put it in a NUK cup. They have great ones w breast like tops/nipples. My 9 month old loves hers!
Anon_82276 replied to Anon_82276's response:
Sorry cup brand is N?by
Anon_38692 replied to Anon_82276's response:
The average weaning age world wide is 4yrs old. While it's obvious that you are disturbed by what you are seeing, I think taking a breath and realizing that a 15month old baby doesn't see breast feeding as anything sexual might help a bit. True, I don't think I would be trying to teach my child to say boobies (bc I wouldnn't want him to say that loudly in public:) ) But there could be very logical reasons for most of what you've mentioned. Perhaps she isn't able to keep her supply up by mearly pumping and needs to nurse naturally for adequate let down. And while it is distasteful to you, peek-a-boo is a normal game for a child that age, and breasts are no different than a bottle to him. I think it is definitly something to remain aware of incase there are any other warning signs that some type of mistreatment is occuring, but what you are describing sounds like it's a bit tainted by your perception of the situation. I suspect it is you saying he has to "show her how bad he needs it" and not her saying, "show mommy how bad you need it." The moment we make breasts into something sexual where a baby is concerned we further encourage the taboo of breast feeding in public.
momtobegrunden responded:
What should you do? Leave the room if it makes you uncomfortable. If you're offended by the term "boobies" you could politely suggest they don't use that word around you. I'm not crazy about that word myself. But I don't believe her actions require any concern.

I nursed my first until 15 months old, when he self-weaned. Let me tell you, you cannot FORCE a 15 month old to nurse. If they want to, they will. If they don't want to, they won't. Is she ASKING him to "dig his face on her breast" or is he just doing it? My son let me know he wanted to nurse by doing those very things. He nuzzled between my breasts or attempted to pull down my shirt. Even after he weaned, he still liked to put his hand down my shirt for comfort. I am not ashamed to admit these things because there is nothing wrong with them. Breastfeeding is not sexual.

She may be refusing a bottle because bottles should be weaned after one year. Or maybe he's never really taken a bottle and she doesn't want to start or encourage that habit now.

There could be many reasons for these actions. My point is, based on these actions, she is doing nothing wrong and the problem seems to lie with you, unless you've witnessed more than what you've shared. Many mothers breastfeed well into toddler-hood.
Me (29). DH (40). DSD (15). DSS (9). DS1 (2). DS2 (10/6/10).

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