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Pump or not? Suggestions please.
lenono97 posted:
I am looking for suggestions. Nothing negative please. I had my DS this past Sunday. I decided to formula feed because I was not successful BF my DD (now 2 1/2). She did not latch right, even with a nipple shield, constantly fell asleep at the breast and we couldn't hear her swallowing. After visiting a lactation consultant, she suggested I pump after every time I put her on the breast. I tried that and exclusively pumping but never got more then 1-1/2oz per day total. After a month I was so stressed from no sleep I gave up. Now with DS my breasts are very encouraged and painful. A feeling I never had with DD, even after I stopped BF. I am not really interested in offering the breast at this point but I am wondering if I pumped a couple of times per day if I would at least get a bottle or two to offer in addition to the formula we are using. Is it possible my breasts would make more milk this time? Anyone had similar experience? Thank you.
MNMommy3 responded:
I haven't had a similar experience, but any amount of breast milk is good! I just recently weaned my DD at 6-1/2 months and I know how exhausting it can be! Most days, she was eating every 2 hours, even at 6 months old! I quit cold turkey a week and a half ago and just yesterday my breasts finally started feeling better. That engorgement and pain is horrible!

Also, because of cracked and bleeding nipples in the beginning, I strictly pumped and fed by bottle for about 2 months. Once I was healed up, I went back to nursing. Maybe once you see if your supply is up this time, you'll feel more inclined to nurse. But to answer your question, definitely try and see how much you get and offer whatever you can! GL!
Kelly (32), DF (31), DS1 (12), DS2 (6), DD (4 months).
Sigma3rc74 responded:
I agree with PP that any amount of breast milk is beneficial. I found that in the beginning when I pumped I only got a few ounces. It wasn't until later that I could pump and get 3-4 ounces. Now that I'm back to work and pump less often I get 4-6 ounces at a time.
It is exhausting and I can totally see why many women toss in the towel! I would encourage you to pump when you can and see if your supply is enough that perhaps you can just suppliment with formula -or formula supplimented by breast milk - again any amount is beneficial to DS and to you!
Give it a try and if your supply isn't enough to warrant the time and energy you can always stop.
Best of luck to you!

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