What do you do to boost your supply?
ESHmom posted:
Just curious what everyone does to boost their supply of breastmilk?

In the last month or so, it seems my supply has dropped and I drink more than 100oz of water, 30oz milk, and eat a pretty well rounded diet.

Maybe I need to eat more oatmeal?
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
What helped me most, an was recommended by my lactation consultant, was to pump after feedings to completely empty each breast. This will signal the body that more milk is needed. Each time I needed to increase supply (a couple of growth spurts ) it only took a day or so.

Me, 36, DD 43, Lauren McKenna, 10/12/10
momtobrennan responded:
pumping an extra time during the day helps me. Also, stay consistant with your feeding & pumping times.
ESHmom replied to momtobrennan's response:
I think I'll try pumping after feedings. I'm pretty consistent on when I feed him--I pump or nurse at the same times everyday. When I began pumping 2 1/2 months ago when I went back to work, I was able to pump 7oz and now I struggle with just 3-4oz. Maybe this weekend, I'll whip up a batch of lactation cookies?