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Newborn son allergic to something in breast milk
crohn_girl posted:
I had my son the other day and he's healthy other than being cranky. I asked the nurse about it and she said that he's allergic to something in the breast milk. So, she recommended this special rice based formula for him that's supposed to be good for sensitive stomachs. It is pretty expensive and I don't have a lot of money since I was on maternity leave for 2 months before giving birth. My fiance helps some but it's hard since he makes minimum wage pushing carts at Target. I only made minimum wage busing tables at a retirement center. So money is pretty tight right now and my fiance would rather spend his money on pointless video games than support our son. I mean he's a great guy who was with me through the whole birth process of our son and takes wonderful care of my 3 year old twin daughters (from a my ex boyfriend.) But, I need the money to be able to get the formula for my son. Any advice is appreciated?

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Guinnessstout responded:
Overall my suggestion would be to seek another opinion. Often times a reaction to breastmilk is due to something you are eating. Either dairy milk or soy.There are so many reasons a newborn can be cranky. A true allergy to human breast milk is extremely rare. In my case, my DD turned out to be allergic to soy and I had to eliminate it from my diet while breastfeeding. She had blood in her stool. I was already dairy free because I'm allergic to dairy (but not soy, go figure). She ate well and gained weight on track, just had trace amounts of blood.

First, I would recommend elimating dairy from your diet. It can take 2-3 weeks for this to be effective. And be careful because dairy is in everything. Search webmd for "dairy allergy" and they have a very good table.

Second, check with your insurance. When we first had problems with the blood in her stool, I was researching the formulas, and my health insurance would have paid for the formula.

I really hope that helps! My DD is 13months and still breastfeeding and going strong. It has been a wonderful experience for us both. Good luck!
Amanda. Mommy to my sweet pea born 8/9/10. Breastfeeding and completely dairy and soy free due to allergies in Mom and Baby.
StarryGrrl responded:
I agree that the allergy is probably to what you are eating that is going through the breastmilk. Try eliminating some of the most common foods that people are allergic to such as diary, eggs, shellfish, nuts and soy. After several weeks of not eating any of that, your baby should be a lot happier (if you eliminated what he is allergic to). Then, one at a time you can try to re-introduce a food into your diet. If your baby becomes fussy again, then you will know for sure what is causing it.
Breastfeeding is so much more inexpensive than formula feeding that I would try this approach first before going to formula. I hope things go well for you.

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