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increasing milk supply
Anon_18916 posted:
Hi all,

I have noticed a big drop in my supply during the last few weeks. My daughter wasn't gaining weight well enough at all and her pedi suggested increasing the amount of breastmilk she got in her bottles while I was at work. Doing so did in fact help her to be satisfied and gain weight, but I ran out of my frozen supply and now can't keep up while pumping at work. She has now been having 2 bottles of formula a day while I'm working. I'm worried because she seems exceptionally fussy when I breastfeed her after I return home from work and I think she's not getting enough.

Has anyone been able to boost their supply after returning to work or am I destined to formula now? Right now I'm taking fenugreek to try to at least maintain what I've got but I don't feel like it's working.

I appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

Thank you!
fullerfam responded:
Water,water,water..... aslo try green leaf its a natural blend of herbs originally made for increasing breast milk and now most females use it to increase their breast size
ButterflyBaby1107 responded:
Breastfeed as much as you can while you are with her and then try pumping for a little bit after your feeding her. Also make sure you are eating and drinking enough--you have to stay healthy to keep up a good supply. When at work try to pump on the same schedule that you would normally feed her at home--if you breastfeed every 3 hours, then you need to be pumping every three hours. Keep trying! And even if you have to mix a little formula in her bottles while you are at work, you are still doing her good by giving her what you can of breastmilk.
harlishascott responded:
I understand what you are going through Anon_18916. I just finished my first bottle of Fenugreek, and experienced an increase during the 1st week. At that time, I was pumping at work approximately every 4 hours, depending on my schedule. My son feeds every 2 hours, and I have increased my pumping frequency to every 2 - 3 hours, and it seems that my total milk production at the pump has decreased. He receives enough milk when nursing, and I'm wondering if I have a problem with my letdown reflex when pumping. Any ideas?
Anon_176100 replied to harlishascott's response:
Do you stop when you first notice no milk is coming out? I normally pump for 5 more minutes after I notice nothing is coming out. I relax and for some reason if I have a few good yawns my breasts will tingle a little and I will have another letdown.

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