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    Baby wants to be on the breast 24/7
    Anon_28892 posted:
    Anyone have any tips on how to deal with the baby who just doesn't want to stop nursing and rejects pacifers?
    Anon_38314 responded:
    It all depends on how old baby is. If baby is new say under three months I would just give em the boob all the time it will help with supply and its comforting to baby. After that I really dont know... Does he scream when not given the breast when its not a reasonable feeding time? If not I would just let em be. But if so baby might be actually hungry. This is probably no help to you ... Good luck.
    ButterflyBaby1107 responded:
    I am going through this right now. My baby is almost 3 weeks old and must have hit her growth spurt. Sometimes they have their growing times and want to nurse more. Just go with it--it will get better after a couple of days.
    vessel16 replied to ButterflyBaby1107's response:
    I would go to I rely on the expert advice and experienced mothers for many of my answers. They can supply you with information on almost any subject when it comes to pregnancy, breastfeeding, formula feeding, weaning and all.
    quintessa2 replied to vessel16's response:
    I agree new baby will want the breast constantly. In some countries women carry their baby against their skin and offer the breast more than a hundred times a day. It is a comfort and some babies just like to eat eat eat. Mine certainly did the first month that is all he did. He would wake me every hour. A lot of times I slept through his nursing. Just know that it will pass but it is important that you do this. Part of mommyhood...
    An_254331 replied to vessel16's response:


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