If the other side of my breast is bigger than the other one due to breastfeeding.
An_243303 posted:
Hi moms,
I'm new here. I am still breastfeeding my 26 m/o baby girl because it is my choice. But my main question is my breast aren't the same size because my baby is much satified with the right breast than my left. It was the same size before and since I'm a right handed I too is much comfortable feeding her on that side but then I realized their size ain't the same anymore.

How do you make it the same size again? Can it still produce more milk like the right side if everytime I will need to feed her?
mathgypsy2 responded:
The size difference is common when you have a side preference. If you nurse on both sides equally it would go back to being the same. You need to nurse on the other side some or it will dry up. One side can feed a baby alone if you wanted too. They will probably be the same size when you quit nursing.