is it possible???
DAThornsMommy posted:
im a FTM and my little boy is 5 days old today. i really really want to breast feed him, but sometimes doesnt seem quite satisfied after a feeding and doesnt always accept my breast when i offer it to him... when i took him for his first check up at 3 days, the doctor said that he lost a few ounces because i was not feeding him ... a couple days ago, i could not get him to eat for hours... almost 7 and he's such a tiny baby (born 5lbs 12 oz) he definitely needs all the nutrients he could get... so i was faced with a choice... either let him go without, or break into some of the formula i got from the hospital... so i got out the formula... he downed the full 2 oz in a couple minutes and seemed content... my mother told me that maybe my milk cant provide the nutrition he needs... how possible is this? and is there anything i can do? or do i need to switch him over to formula entirely??
hgreenwood7058 responded:
your milk may have not fully come in. I had problems with my son latching and so i had to use a breast shield. when I did that he started feeding a lot better. you may try that for a couple times (its safe to use longer but don't make it too much of a crutch). Remember it can take 3-5 days pp for your milk to come in and then its little bits at a time. You may have to try one breast and then the other as well. I would not try and switch him to the formula unless thats what you want. I was told that its a learning process for both you and your baby and can take a few weeks to get it down. don't give up if you really want to feed him breast milk. You could also try pumping a little bit first and then feeding him as well.