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Keeping it up after the 3 month mark
CaraLee27 posted:
For some reason I thought the longer I breastfed the easier it would get. Yet here I am, post 3 months still having soreness, worrying about supply and struggling with pumping.

My LO has regular gas and I don't know why. I avoid all the trigger foods to no avail.

Any advice on how to manage any of my many issues is appreciated. The women in my family are less than supportive of my breastfeeding and can only seem to ask how much longer I plan on doing it.
sumis responded:
for the gas you can try taking garlic in your diet .it helps to relieve gas and also increases milk supply .ginger tea can be helpful as well for the gas
sumis responded:
please don't worry about what others say .I have a 3 month old as well and I am starting work next week and already filled up my freezer with milk .

I eat everything and try to include garlic and ginger in my diet and avoid gassy foods .Now after 3 months my DS is doing better with the gas .even he spits up i don't worry I still nurse him .another key thing to avoid gas is don't stay hungry for too long .empty stomach tends to make you gassy

I know its little hard and I was in the same boat as you but its the best for the baby and he/she will thank you for their rest of their lives for healthy body that you gave them
hgreenwood7058 responded:
It does get easier. You will still have some soreness off and on but it does get better. My son is 6 months old and I exclusively pump now and there are times that if I forget or even when I don't forget to use "nipple butter" (lanolin made it worse) I will get cracks sometimes that hurt quite a bit. I push through it though. Carson is also a gas machine. Stinky little man at that. lol. Some babies are just gassy as I have come to realize. Are you using a single or double pump and how often? These two things can also make a difference in supply. Also stay hydrated, if you are dehydrated your milk supply will lessen.

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