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Long Term Effects of Using Crack/Cocaine while Breastfeeding
InspiredCherries posted:
My friends step son was exposed to crack when he was a baby, while the mother was pregnant and also while breastfeeding. I have been trying to help her find information about the long term side effects of crack on a child (he is now ten years old), but I haven't found a lot.

The child's behavior is very delayed, he has no control over his emotions, he throws temper tantrums like a three year old (runs and hides under a blanket, or in his shirt, or puts a pillow to his face, and cries, while in a ball, rocking himself). He doesn't have fine motor control, his handwriting is pretty bad I guess (I've never seen it).

He also displays similar behaviors as a child with Asperger's (he doesn't like to look people in the eyes while speaking to them, the constant rocking, he has one main focus which is cars/video games with cars, he knows a lot about cars - he knows what kind of car is what based on the symbols and what they look like, he doesn't socialize well with new people- he's very shy to the point where he will hide his face so he doesn't have to talk or look at them, will not eat new foods, will not eat certain foods that touched others foods, won't eat pancakes if they are cut before the syrup is put on, will only eat certain foods, he likes to do the same thing repeatedly - doesn't like to try new things, he can hear things no one else can hear, doesn't like daily routine to change, he doesn't talk on the phone, etc, etc.)
He was diagnosed with ADHD and is on medication for school, but not when he is with the father on weekends.
He doesn't live with the father full time, right now. The father and my friend got him into counseling, but it's new. The child is very difficult to handle and neither of his parents know how to handle him. I guess his mother has permanent brain damage to her frontal lobes from a car accident years before she had her son, and lost her judgement, impulse control and some social behavior. I think there is more, but I don't know all of it. The father is trying his best, but he only has him two days a week...
Does anyone here know what the long term side effects of crack are on a child, and also, if this mother is really able to raise the child, with such a severe brain injury? Could his behaviors be caused by being exposed to crack, and/or, could they be caused by how she is raising him, because she doesn't have the correct cognitive functioning?

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