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    Gaining weight while breastfeeding
    gabyannek posted:
    I've been breastfeeding my son for almost 16 months and I don't see him weaning anytime soon. My problem is with weight gain!
    1. I'm ravenously hungry 24/7 STILL
    2. I've tried controlling my diet, exercising more etc, but I don't want to cut too many calories

    I've gained 30 lbs easily, I weigh more now than I did the day I went in to have him and I was just shy of my pre-preg weight at my 6 week check up I'm so discouraged, this is the most I've ever weighed. Is there anything I can do (aside from weaning) to get my body back? Or is it just my body doing what it will do and when I wean I can focus on reshaping?
    sweetmamaca55 responded:
    I am getting the sense that your weight gain has little to do with breastfeeding. Your body will maintain an elevated appetite while breastfeeding only as needed to sustain the child's milk supply. If you lost all your pregnancy weight while bfing and then started to gain it back, it sounds like there may be a deeper emotional problem causing your excess hunger. Overeating and undereating both are root chakra issues, meaning they are different manifestations of feelings relating to insecurity, lack of belonging and not feeling safe. Think back to when the weight gain started- did something happen to threaten your safety or security? It could be money problems or financial stress, work conflict or even relationship struggles. The only connection to bfing I see is if your friends and family or SO/partner do not support your extended bfing.. that would make alot of people feel uncomfortable and insecure. I think it would help you to assess your appetite further. Next time you feel hungry, stop and ask yourself if your body is really seeking nutrients or if your heart and mind are seeking comfort and security. If it is the latter, try tothink about what is going on around you (or within you) that is making u feel unsafe. Even if you can't figure it out or pinpoint it the furst few times, keep up the practice of assessment and eventually it all will click. To avoid the need to eat excessively for emotional security, try the following mantra: I am here. I am safe. I belong and I am welcomed on this Earth.
    sweetmamaca55 replied to sweetmamaca55's response:
    another thing that may help is accepting your body exactly how it is and focusing more on your health than your appearance. You are beautiful just the way you are!! Hope this helps!

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