Back to Work Mom
jsoldi720 posted:
Hi Everyone!
I am recently back to work and trying to pump has been very erratic. I am afraid that my crazy schedule will decrease my milk supply. Soetimes I can do every three hours but the past couple of days have led to 4 and even sometimes 6. Any moms back to work and trying to pump have any advice?
kharr188 responded:
I've had the same problem and now find myself just pumping 2x a day. Its definitely hard but I've come to realization that i will just have to use formula and that is that. I mean really have you seen any difference in babies/toddlers that have only been fed with breastmilk compared to those only been fed with formula? I was so disappointed with how my supply has been but in the end my baby is happy so just go with the flow
I also heard that beer helps with more milk because of the yeast. I was also taking More Milk Plus a herbal capsule. That was working too!