How do I regain my breastmilk volume?
ambarrivcos posted:
Hello everyone, I would REALLY really appreciate sound advice. I'm a first time mother and really have a big concern.

I've been battling allergies and a cold for almost a month now.

My baby is almost three months old. She was born a late preterm baby (37wks 4d), she weighed 5.8 at birth and has always had breathing problems/congestion. Not as much as when she was first born, but enough to where many times she doesn't want to nurse and even using a bottle bothers her. Her pediatrician put her on NeoSure to supplement my breastfeeding.
Now, about 3 weeks ago I took two doses of Benadryl, at the time I didn't know that was a BIG no no when breastfeeding. I have been drinking Mother's Milk tea daily, drinking water and gatoraid daily and still my milk supply has been going down.

What can I do to get it back up and help her nurse better? I already use a boppy pillow or I lean back and lay her on me... =S I just want to be able to nurse her till she's at least a year old or at least till she is ready for solids with just milk as the supplement.
Basically what I'm saying is HEEEEELLLLP!!!!

breastfeedingmom responded:
I applaud you for not giving up, because that is exactly what most women would do in this situation. You have several options though! I found that instead of giving my child a pacifier, letting them pacify themselves on my breast increased my milk supply remarkably, and once your supply comes back you can return to a regular pacifier usage. You can also pump to try to produce more, but I do not have personal experience with this method. I hope it works out for you!