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Breastfeeding Boyfriend
michelle_1980 posted:
My boyfriend and I have a baby boy which is incredible. He enjoyed watching me breastfeed the baby and decided he wanted to try breast milk. I said ok and so he sucked my breast. Now he wants to do it a lot. Is this a guy thing or normal or what?
Pecan1978 responded:
That doesn't sound normal to me... my DH won't even touch the stuff. Even when we Bd he steers clear of the bbs to avoid getting leaked on... ya that happened a few times early on...

I think at this point it might be a good idea to tell your DB that the baby needs the milk to thrive, and he doesn't need it to thrive. you wouldn't want your LO to lose out on their nutritional needs because DB found something novel and tastey about your BM.

I say this because many women don't have the kind of supply it would take to feed anyone besides their own LO... and sometimes, not even that kind of supply. It's better to make sure that liquid gold ends up where it's needed the most.

Katiloma responded:
I would say that is not normal at all. I can see it being a guy thing saying I want to try it, but I can't see it being normal or healthy for him to want to continue doing it. I personally think it's kinda weird and I would be alittle worried if my DH wanted to nurse from me!

I also agree with PP that your little guy needs the milk, not your BF!
kms82082 responded:
My boyfriend is like that too. Not frequently but sometimes when we DTD he wants to try it. The more time goes on, the more it grosses me out and he doesn't bother me about it as much. He thinks its hilarious I can shoot milk a good 5 feet or so, and his cousin is always trying to get me to show him. I think it just depends on the guy. So no, you are not alone.
My BF never tasted my milk even out the bottle, but he did tease me he wanted to try it straight from the source. I always told him no..I think its a guy thing, but if he is wanting to do it all the time then you need to make him understand milk is in the fridge your milk is for LO.
mom2bin06 responded:
That would creep me out...I won't let DH anywhere NEAR my boobs since I had my DS. It just feels creepy if he touches them...
lantonio04 responded:
Michelle - it's a S-E-X thing.. some people are into this, some are into that.. and your BF is into being BF'd

dated a guy once who's big fantasy was to do the same

whatever floats their boat, but if it gives you the willies.. don't do it

don't worry about thieving milk from your baby (or any of that) as your body will simply make more.

as far as depleting nutrients in your BM.. your body will just steal more from you to give to baby in the next batch.

if you like it, do it - if you don't, don't
proudmommy06 responded:
My DH will hardly touch my boobs while I'm still BF'ing. He's grossed out by the milk. I'd say it's normal for them to be curious about it, and maybe try it once, or maybe during sex, but not as an every day occurance (or more often than that)!!
MikeRugl responded:
My girlfriend was starting to wean our girl when she got it into her head that, because I've already proved I liked milking her (direct) that she could now use this as a way to control her weight. If I'm not around she'll use the pump but I've been doing this for her (and myself) for the last 2 years and she's able to control her weight despite eating more than she did prior to her pregnancy. She's lost 10 lbs. in the last 2 years and her weight stays steady. She likes that she can go out to restaurants with abandon. Of course I've gained weight (and she laughs about it!)....

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