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Thyroid Cancer
An_188426 posted:
Hi, I need some help please. My husband and I have custody of my step-son, and 2 weeks ago his mother called and told him that she has thyroid cancer. She says that she has had it for over 2 years, however she doesn't know what kind of thyroid cancer, or the stage or how serious it is. She says that it is Atypical cancer and 3 cm long, and that is all she knows. She says that she hasn't had any treatment, but has had 12 biopsys. She also told him that everyone has cancer. Right now my son is so scared and doesn't know what to believe. Everything that I have researched comes back that she doesn't have cancer. Can anyone help me? My son needs to know either way.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
I'm not sure I understand your question - are you thinking that the mom doesn't have cancer? Is there a benefit she gets from lying? I would make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to sharing any information with your step-son! Is there a school therapist that could help moderate a meeting if the ex-wife is unreasonable or unstable?

marie12345678 responded:
I hope she went to see an endocrinologist with you and your husband. something does not sound right. good luck
german12 responded:
everyone have cancer??? not true.. every person its differen 12 biopsys?? not sure about that too many... He should not be scare.. If he has a lump in his neck he needs a check up.. otherwise no worries..

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