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Asbestos Concerns
An_188430 posted:
I have some concerns about asbestos in my home. A few days ago my uncle was removing paneling (a small piece) from my basement wall and of course the paneling was glued to the wall. I had just recently had some floor tiles abated from my basement, by a professional. They warned that given the ago of my home their could be more asbestos materials and give my research I know that some adhesives contained asbestos. I called the abatement company to double check their opinion about the paneling adhesive and they said that there was a possibility that it could be made from asbestos. Before I could tell my uncle not to scrape the glue from the wall because of my concern he had already done so. Now I fear that my home could have been exposed to these deadly fibers. I am not 100% certain that the adhesive did contain asbestos.

I suffer from anxiety and this whole experience and all of the worry has almost taken it's toll on me. I am tired of worrying and thinking about this. I kind find all kinds of articles on the internet about what asbestos is and what it does to you, but nothing talking about one time exposure or a guaranteed case of lung cancer. I want to know if a one time exposure is huge risk and if being in contact with the fibers even once means that I am at a huge risk for all of these cancers. I have gathered that people with long term exposure are the ones who are seeing the illnesses. Do the lungs ever recover from asbestos exposure? I just can't worry about this anymore. I would like some answers to put my mind at ease.

Any advice or words of wisdom/encouragement would be greatly appreciated! I know I am not the only person who had come into contact with these fibers in their home. Thank you for helping to put my anxious mind to ease!
georgiagail responded:
This POSSIBLE one time exposure regrding a small piece of paneling remval in your basement poses no health risks to you or your family. Stop worrying about this.

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there and thanks for posting - I agree with Gail that you do not need to worry about this - however, I would suggest addressing your anxiety. It can dramatically impact your quality of life!

Here is a link to the WebMD Anxiety and Panic Community - it is a very informative, supportive group with an expert.

Take a deep breath and check in with them!


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