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cancer odor
An_188432 posted:
So my dad had para-nasal cancer about 4 years ago it was pretty bad. he is fine now. when he had cancer the odor that came from his tumor is not a smell I can ever forget. I currently work at a bar and my manager has that same smell. He told me he used to have cancer. How do I go about asking him when was the last time he was checked for it, and let him know that he has that smell. I noticed it a while ago but I don't know how to tell him.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
I hope other members of this community will chime in with suggestions.

Thanks for your interesting question!

worn1 responded:
you can give him the facts by using your father--clear it with your father first. You can inform by saying my father just told me that he has to have yearly check ups for 10 years after treatment as it can return.Or you can be straight forward with him and tell him you are concerned as you see the same signs of the cancer that your father had. If you are friends with a family member or have a common friend ask them to tell him. I prefer the straight talk. He may be angry at being told he has a certain order but he will get over it and he may go to his doctor.

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