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Please help me!!!
Anon_231177 posted:
I'm 16, female, and need help! My throat is hurting like crazy, I have a bit of trouble breathing, my chest hurts, my lower abdominal area hurts, I have a couple of tender, bruised lumps on the back of my head that move around occasionally and it's really all scaring me!!!! Please help me! My temperature is at 95.4 and I don't know what to do!!!!!! I can't eat without wanting to throw up because food is now DISGUSTING to me and I used to love food!
I'm most certainly not overweight, I'm a gymnast, and I am in need of emergency help. I don't want to consult my parents because they already don't have enough money for anything and I've gone to the hospital plenty of times already for injuries and mono. Please help me!
georgiagail responded:
What would you like WebMD to do for you?...or perhaps, what do you think an internet forum can do for you?

dontmattermyname responded:
Since your are 16 years of age there are plenty of free clinics in which you can go see a doctor at no cost to you. But from reading what you write it does seem very serious health issues. Do your self a favor and get checked out by a MD or better yet go the the hospital. Im sure your parents are more worried about you rather than money. Life is always more greater than money. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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