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Raelhu Plant Treat and Cure Cancer
Raelhu posted:
Raelhu Plant Treat and Cure Cancer

It is time for you to start voicing your thoughts to the Cancer Organizations and the Government who are denying a plant to be a cure
The Raelhu plant will destroy Cancer cells and boost the immune system and help people live longer_
The Raelhu plant is not a drug so the side effect will be similar to spinach or broccoli
The Cancer Organizations and the Government are keeping the Raelhu plant away from the public_
They do not want to lose their profits from the Philanthropists and Cancer Patients
Everyday we hear Cancer commercials saying we are looking for a Cure_
The truth is the Cancer Organizations and the Government do not want a cure_
They want to continue to collect money from millions of people that are paying high prices for their drugs with dangerous side effects that they do not know about_ And from the others that are giving money to charity foundations
If an Oranization was serious about finding a cure for you they would respond to Cures_ It is not like they have thousands of people flooding their office with a cure for Cancer
Just think about it_ If the FDA approve the Raelhu plant for curing Cancer the Pharmaceutical companies and the Cancer treatment centers will lose a great deal of money_ so maybe that is why they do not want the Raelhu plant to go public
I am Ramon Elijah Hutt and for several months I have been contacting different types of Cancer Organizations_ and asking them "Who Do I Give A Section Of The Plant To For Testing" and nobody has requested a sample of the Raelhu plant to test for destroying Cancer cells and make an anti-cancer vaccine from the plant
I have informed the Office of the National Cancer Institute Director Harold Varmus and FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and the Center of Drug Evaluation and Research Director Janet Woodcock and Office of New Drug Director John Jenkins and Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control Nancy Brinker and the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Susan G Komen for the Cure_ Lance Armstrong Foundation_ Cancer Treatment Centers of America_ CNN_ Boston Globe_ Boston Herald_ NY Times_ Washington Post_ Associated Press_ Atlanta Journal_ Houston Chronicle_ Los Angeles Times_ San Francisco Chronicle_ Seattle Times_ Reuters_ World Health Organization_ Center of Disease Control_ and I have informed over 70 Cancer Researchers from the Organizations that received funding from the National Cancer Institute
Remember the Majority of the Cancer Researchers and the Government do not have Cancer_ They are able to condemn the Raelhu plant that is destroying Cancer cells_ Time is on there side to take the scenic route in trying to produce a drug that someday will cure Cancer
The People and Cancer patients have the Authority to question the unknown_ Our voices can require an explanation from the Cancer Researchers and the Government that are over Cancer_ "The reason they do not want the Raelhu plant to be known to the World"_
And we have the Authority to investigate the Cancer Researchers_ Pharmaceutical companies_ Cancer charity foundations and the Government_ And ask why they do not want people to have an anti-cancer vaccine of a plant from an outside source that is not part of their Society
If the People and Cancer patients demand that the Raelhu plant be made as an anti-cancer vaccination_ The vaccination will already be in our body to fight Cancer cells
Share with the World_ The 2011 historical disasters and extreme hot temperatures can cause anyone to develop Cancer_ We should not discriminate if the Cancer vaccine is not from a Government funded Organization_ The Raelhu plant is not a drug and can save people lives and that should be the most important factor

dontmattermyname responded:
" The 2011 historical disaters and extreme hot temperature can cause anyone to develope Cancer_..." It was interesting reading till you posted that hot temperatures can cause cancer. Unfortunently, many years of testing must be completed before drugs can be perscribed. Being a person with cancer I do hope that they do find a cure one day soon. anyway just my 2 cents worth.
georgiagail replied to dontmattermyname's response:
This is nonsense...


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