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question about cancer
fl1981 posted:
My aunt found out a few months ago that she has stage 4 esophagus cancer. She's been taking chemo therapy and I've been the main person looking after her, administering her meds, etc. The cancer had once spread to her stomach, but it has been removed a couple months ago, because of the therapy. Today she came back from chemo and she said her doctor said that the cancer in her esophagus isn't getting any bigger, but that she would always have esophagus cancer. I'm not sure what that means, does this mean she will live as long as she takes chemo or some other meds?
worn1 responded:
I think you need to ask your aunt. Also she might want to get a second opinion. There may be chemo drugs out there that might do the job. She might also ask her doctor about clinical trials.

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