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Young slender man with gynecomastia
An_241283 posted:
Hello, I thank you in advance if you take the time to read this post and/or respond but have an issue that has been bothering me lately. I will give a brief insight through my young- adulthood to paint a bit of a picture. As I can remember, as a young lad around 13, I started to notice my puffy nipples. In being skinny, I wondered why I had it, but was convinced that it would go away as I progressed through puberty. Into high school, I began smoking marijuana daily and continued so for about 6 years on and off but for the most part, every day. The puffy nipples never left. I stopped smoking 3 months ago and traveled the world for a bit. My concern at this point is that it is not just a cosmetic blemish to say, but is caused by elevated HCG and other feminine hormone levels in my blood stream (a symptom of a cancerous growth lurking in my body). I understand that marijuana did not help my skewed hormone levels. I am currently very active both in exercise, work and school and fairly muscular. In discovering a neighbor of mine has cancer I immediately began questioning why not me? If anyone else knows of any similar cases of friends/ family, please post something. I plan on going to the doctor this week and asking for a professional opinion.

Again thank you for your time.
worn1 responded:

puffy nipples can be caused by genetics , hormonal imbalance or certian drugs such as steroids.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Here is some additional information from the WebMD Men's Health Center: What is Gynecomastia?

In adult males, gynecomastia can be caused by another condition such as cancer, thyroid or drug use. Please check back in after you've seen your medical care professional.

Yours in health,


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