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    Help - Mom Anemic, referred to oncologist, CBC Results
    Connie4768 posted:
    I hope someone can get me an answer. My mom just told me that she had been to her Dr. to get routine blood work after her 70th birthday . Here are the results:
    WBC L 3.7 K/uL
    RBC L 3.8 M/uL
    HGB L 12.3 gm/dL
    HCT L 36%
    MCV 95 fl
    MCH H 33 pg
    MCHC 34 gm/dL
    RDW 13.9%
    Platelet 209 K/uL
    MPV *8.2 fl
    Absolute Neut 2.10 K/uL
    Absolute Lymph L 1.20 K/uL
    Absolute Mono 0.30 K/uL
    Absolute EOS 0.10 K/uL
    Absolute Basos *0.00 K/uL
    Neutrophils 56%
    Lymph 31%
    Monocytes 8%
    Eosinophils 4%
    Basophils 1%

    She was confused and I spoke to her nurse, she didn't give me a lot information, but she did say she is Anemic and her Dr has sent in a referral to an oncologist. Someone please help me understand what they are seeing. I am driving up so I can go with her to the Dr. As you can imagine, she is worried, I have brought down some of her anxiety by telling her that you hear of people all the time with Anemia and that's nothing to worry about. Clearly, I'm concerned would just like to have a heads up what all this means before hearing it the first time with her.


    worn1 responded:
    The nurse should have access to the Doctors notes. The notes would state the reason for the visit to the oncologist--more than just anemia. It should give what he suspects, The doctor is sending her to the oncologist to confirm or eliminate what he suspects.
    A diagnosis cannot be made on the above results only. For instance the platelet count is normal but are they functional. Is your mom taking medication that affects platelet function.--The platelet initiates clotting to stop you from bleeding. The red cells are normal in size according to the MCV. The RDW tells me the red cells are normal. According to the RBC your mother has a low red cell count. The function of the red blood cell is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues where the oxygen is released. The rbc also picks up the carbon dioxide and returns it to the lungs it also buffers the pH of the blood.According to the results above her hgb is low. Hgb is the major component of the red blood cell it is what the oxygen attatches to so it can be taken to the tissues. The HCT is the amount red blood cells to plasma.. Blood consists of Plasma the liquid portion, White blood cells used to fight infections. platelets start the clotting process. There are 2 sets of numbers for the differential--absolute and percentage. The percentage is taken by counting 100 cells. The absolute is taking the percentage number and multiplying it by the white blood cell count. Even though the percentage appears to be normal the absolute is low for the lymphocytes. Lymphocytes respond to viral infections, Neutrophils respond to bacterial infections, Eosinsophils respond to allergens and parasitic infections, basophils respond to lead poisoning and diseases such as leukemia
    Monocytes float through the body phagocytose foreign particles and also assist the lymphocyte in mounting an immune response.
    I wonder if the tech performing the cbc had a flag on the analyzer and did he/she make a slide from her blood and review it
    . I am sorry I could not give you the answer you wanted. I hope what information I was able to give you helped you understand the test

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