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marie12345678 posted:
I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in September 2011 by a doctor in Worcester Ma. However she went on vacation and the dotor covering for her toldme my ultrasound was find. I did not believe him so I called my doctor inBoston and asked him about it. He said what did the biopsy show I said they didnot do one. To which he replied get in here as fast as possible.
I had another ultrasound and biopsy and was fulll of nodules some as big as a golf ball and others bigger. The smaller of the two was suspicious so my thryoid was removed but the cancer had leaked out and was on my windpipe. I am currently going to chemo one day a week and radiation 5 days a week for 7 weeks. Ithank my gut for telling me something was wrong. I must have been being watched over by my mom. anyone out there with thyroid cancer?
german12 responded:
you dindt get a iodined 131 radiation?? why chemo?? what kind of thyroid cancer??

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