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Can a cyst become cancerous after not being cancerous?
An_241906 posted:
I've had this small (half grain of rice sized) bump on my epididymis for six years now and I'm pretty sure at this point that it isn't cancer as I would have many symptoms. I believe it's a cyst even though its small (half grain of rice sized)
So my question is can a cyst turn into cancer or become cancerous after not being cancerous? Thanks.
georgiagail responded:

quicksilverseven replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks, don't need to worry then!
dontmattermyname replied to quicksilverseven's response:
Cyst can, but rarely, turn into cancerous. Just because you dont think that is cancerous doesnt mean it isnt. Get a biopsy or go to your doctor for futher evaluation. It all will depend on what type of cyst it is. Cyst like fibrous cyst dont go cancerous. But, there are other types than just fibrous. Good luck with it.
dontmattermyname replied to dontmattermyname's response:
For more piece of mind, if it is just an Epididmal cyst, as in a doctor diagnosed it, then "that" cyst can not become cancerous. Itwill just be a small sac filled with fluid. Hopefully that is the kind you have but until you do get it checked ot you wont know. So i guess your question was kinda double sided. Yes cyst can become cancerous (rarely), depending on the type. I hope this clears up some misunderstanding for you.
quicksilverseven replied to dontmattermyname's response:
It's tiny... about 3/4 the size of this "o" (12 point font). During a check up the doctor couldn't even find it because I wasn't very relaxed. (loose) It is on the epididymis though.
dontmattermyname replied to quicksilverseven's response:
If a doctor checked it then you are ok. Those type that develope on the sac do not become cancerous.Its just a build up of tissue and fluid. No need to worry. Most of the time they dont cause pain or anything. Im glad you are ok.

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