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Research Question
XxNightRayvenxX posted:
I am new to web md community and i have lots of ideas about coming up with cures for diseases as if they arn't already out there just kept locked away by Major Pharmasutical Companies who stand to lose money by giving the cure to thousands who are in need of it. But anyway thats another subject all toegther. My Idea for a Cure for cancer is very simple. And it is enginer a Anti-body that detects and attacks only the abnormally growing cells or masses within the body and when the anti-body has completed its task a kill switch sort of speaks to keep it in check. And yes I know I my spelling sucks but oh well u will be ok
Anon_123764 responded:
If only it was that easy. Cancer research has gone on for years. Nice try on your idea but its a lot more involved than you fail to realize.
worn1 responded:
Research already uses a similar rechnique. Keep up the ideas. You never know. Sometimes the simple ideas are the ones that work

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