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Hep C and liver cancer?????
messy1028 posted:
My husband has hep c. They do not know how long he has had it either. So they do not know the damage it has already done to his liver. He was sent to see a specialist and his liver count just keeps getting worse with each visit the first time it was 160 the second time 220 now it is over 300 and he is scared that it is to the cancer point. He has pain that comes and goes, his muscles and joints hurt alot, he has not sex drive at all, it is gone, loosing weight, and his skin looks like it has a yellow tint to it. He is a recovering herion addict and alcholic he has been clean from drugs for over year now and is in a program for that but has problems with drinking sometimes and i am scared for him. Wish that i had more answers from the doctors but that feels like a lost cause. thank you any information would be helpful.
georgiagail responded:
From these symptoms, one would suspect liver failure, although not necessarily liver cancer (these are two very different disease states).

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi messy1028,

There is an expert in this community that might be able to give you more information if you have specific questions regarding Hep c:

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Gail is correct that cancer and liver damage are not the same -


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