Bladder CA
An_242398 posted:
84 yr old male w/CAD & HBP, stent & TIA hx, dx w/bladder cancer last year, decided not to undergo radical cystectomy nor chemo, nor xrt but instead treat the symptoms. Had 5 episodes of blood in urine since : Last year 1st episode treated w/cauterization of tumor & a floey irrigation, stopped , recuperated very well; 7mo later last year 2nd episode same tx plus some removal of tumor, also recoup very well, This year within past 3 mo had recurring episodes of blood in urine & has diferent doctors : 1st episode 3 mo ago, w/ yellowish pallor to face, treated as an infection, informed labs were normal, both cleared after round of abx; within 1-2 mo again blood in urine ,1st time sent to ER, tx was 'irrigate the bladder for 7 days, in bed w/foley, released with foley and f/u to change foley, started showing signs of swelling of midrif and face, pants tight. 2nd time 2 weeks later heavy blood in urine, same treatment, now has significant swelling of both arms below elbow & both legs below the knees, why? treatment?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi anon,

Swelling or retaining fluid can be an indication of many things. Please check in with your medical team to discuss any new symptoms.

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