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Ear Lump?
An_242882 posted:
Okay, so I have this lump under the skin on my ear. This has happened before in my ear lobe, where a small mass would suddenly appear. It would then grow larger, and would be painful to the touch, but it would eventually go away. I have noticed this happening every once in a while since, maybe, early high school (I am now 22). I didn't worry as I always expected it to go away when it would appear, and then I would forget about it. However, now it has appeared in the cartilage, and my whole ear is swollen. I have no idea what it is, could someone help me out? I didn't even know what section to post this in. I am kind of getting concerned. A little help, or direction?
worn1 responded:
webmd ear nose and throat community haa an expeert on board. The doctor should be able to help you.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thanks worn1 -

Here is a link to that community:

WebMD Ear, Nose & Throat Community

I encourage you to make an appointment with your primary care physician ASAP. Better to get information than face worry!


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