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Help- I'm very worried.
evelyn11908 posted:
When I was six years old, I was diagnosed with germ cell cancer of the ovaries. At 15, I was diagnosed with PCOS. My cycles have never been regular. This time, I'm very worried. I've been on my period (bleeding) for nearly 60 days, and for the last three weeks it has been excruitiatingly painful (much more than usual- I've always had bad cramps, but never to this extent). The pain is almost entirely constant, often hovering around a 3-4 on the pain scale of 1-10 (10 being highest). For the last fourteen+ hours, the pain has been steady at a 6 and won't ease up. There's a history of cancer in my family (as well as my personal diagnosis), as well as diabetes and heart issues. I'm 25; my first cycle was at age 11. Before this 60-day period, the longest I had was 32 days of bleeding, though it wasn't as painful. Never been pregnant, though I am sexually active. I am between jobs and don't have insurance, so seeing a doctor is hard. Should I be worried, or will this pass?
lukeperry responded:
I think you should go to the ER, now! You don't need ins. to go there, and you might be becoming anemic. It sounds very serious to me, if I were you, I'd go now. It's better to be safe, then sorry. Since you don't have ins., this is the best thing you can do, because while your there, they can check for cancer and anything else, so go. Good luck and God bless.


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