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    Swollen lymph nodes?
    lexysmom11 posted:
    I have a small firm lump at my neck (posteriorly) on the right side less than an inch from the base of my skull. It feels like its about 1cm-1.5cm in diameter. I have had this for atleast 2 months. I also have one on my posterior right forearm, that I recently noticed about 1-1/2 inches from my elbow (medially) it is also firm and about the same size. They both feel round, and are not visible, only palpable. I assumed it was probably a lymph node when I felt the one on my neck. They are not really tender, but when I palpate the one on my neck, I get a slight headache. And the one near my elbow is getting tender, maybe because I have been messing with it since I noticed it. I guess my question is, is it likely that these are lymph nodes. And if they are, would the firmness, size and locations indicate something going on or if they may just be calium deposits. Im a 23 y/o female and I am a smoker- just under 1 pack per day. I have a family hx of brain (great-grandpa-dads side), lung (great-grandpa-moms side), and breast (cousins) cancer. I am well aware of the effects of smoking and I am currently trying to quit. But I dont want to set up an appt with my PCP just to have him tell me that its normal and end up feeling like an idiot. I am an RN and he is a physician that follows at the building I work at, so I try to avoid feeling dumb or paranoid with him. Im not looking for a dx, just whether or not I should be worrying about this and the likelihood of cancer. Any information you can give, I would be very grateful! Thank you
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    lexysmom11 - "dumb" and "paranoid" is not what a good physician thinks about a person legitimately concerned about their health. And who cares if he thinks that anyway? You've got to be proactive with your health.

    Firm lumps that cause pain are NOT normal and need to be addressed ASAP. Please make an appointment and address the lumps.

    Also, we have a great smoking cessation communi ty here as well as a smoking cessation health center with lots of great info.

    And check these out - you can quit! 13 Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever

    Best of luck - please tell us what the outcome is - Haylen
    sg_mccoy responded:
    Please get to the doctor immediately. My brother had the same thing and it was throat cancer. I too, have a family history of cancer, I also have some swollen lymph nodes on my arm, but it is from a medicine I'm taking. Since you are young it's probably nothing, but you can't be too careful, and you are never paranoid or dumb for taking care of your health.
    ElizabethTracy replied to sg_mccoy's response:
    I'm curious. My lymph nodes get swollen rather frequently because I get strep throat pretty regularly (4-5 times a year). I've been to a ENT doc but I was wondering if this could be linked to some kind of throat/sinus cancer. Any ideas?

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