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Hypochondria or lymphoma?
megatronthewise posted:
I am currently 20 years old. Healthy weight and have never been diagnosed with a serious medical issue.

Back in high school when i started weight training I remember feeling that I had strained/injured my groin while squatting. I told my coach about the pain in my groin that I was experiencing and he kind of brushed it off and said i was fine. Fast forwarding through the years I've always remembered distinctive pains in roughly the same area of my groin (first time i noticed this was maybe 15)

about six months ago while leg pressing i again noticed this pain in my lower groin. I decided to stop weight lifting entirely because it kept seeming to give me problems.

I've noticed over the last few months a bulge in my groin that seemed to be a swollen lymph node. I feel like it could be a hernia, but it isn't visible and only really noticeable by feel. rest and relaxation has made the pains subside, but the mass remains (and seems to have grown slightly.)

I was under the impression that if it were a hernia it'd be a visible lump with textbook symptoms like it pushing out from strain. (this mass doesn't seem to)

I've also noticed stiffness in my right leg, and occasional stomach discomfort in the lower right region of my abdomen caused by gas pains.

Resting has certainly made whatever pain I was experiencing dissipate, though in the back of my mind I have these uneasy feelings about my lymph node being swollen.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
An unidentified mass needs to be seen by your doctor ASAP - please call and make an appointment. If you do need some course of treatment, the sooner the better!


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