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Question about a brain tumor that is associated with hydrocephalus
IndustrialBroad posted:
I have a friend whose one month newborn has Hydrocephalus (they put a shunt in the baby's neck into her stomach). Not only that but has a brain tumor at the back of her brain that extends into her spine a bit (That developed small bleeding in the brain). It's also the worst case tumor.. What my question was..I'm pretty desperate for ANY kind of helpful information i can give my friend about some type of alternative they can try..Because she has lost all hope in herself and her daughter. Please, any helpful advice. I am desperate! This poor little girl needs all the help she can get! Thank you so much
MBGod responded:
Please tell your friend not to loose hope. Hope is the most important thing at this point of the game. There is always hope- and you have to believe that! The child will sense you lack of hope and give up. I speak from experience. My daughter who about to turn 16 seemed hopeless once- but we, most importantly- she did not give up. She had 35 brain and skull surgeries before she was 5 years old. She has hydrocephalus. Please give my contact info to your friend- I may be able to help her find hope... 800 592 4450- she can call 24/7. She is lucky to have a friend that cares so much for her. Hope to hear from her!
IndustrialBroad replied to MBGod's response:
Hello, i gave her your information. I truly hope she contacts you!

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