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Question about leukemia?
mom2wge posted:
Hello, I recently weny in to my Doc for abnormal (period-like) bleeding that was going on for over 2 months. He ran a CBC plus a slew of other blood tests, just because I guess. Well, he said it'd be a week or so before the results came back. But then he called just two days later telling me to come back in.

This was his concern:
My wbc count is 20,000. My absolute neutrophil is 15.4 k/uL, and my bands are at 5. He said this may indicate leukemia, and I am going to the hematologist this thursday. Probably going to check my bone marrow. I am very nervous about this. I tried googling anything and everything, but I still feel like I haven't got any answers that are close to my situation.

I asked both my Mom and my sister, who are both RNs, but they didn't want to answer me, which really worried me because we always share all our medical thoughts together.

Does this really indicate leukemia? What are bands and neutrophils?

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