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Brain Tumor in child under 5 years old
Anon_183567 posted:
My daughter (age 4) was diagnosed with ventriculomegaly (enlarged ventricles in the brain) in the womb when I was 8 months pregnant with her. At birth the hospital supposedly did an MRI and said the Ventriculomegaly "went away". (They said it as if she had the flu and then it went away; very casual). We accepted this as a miracle. At 6 months old we noticed she was off, not well. By 9 months her pediatrician at that time noticed this also and wanted to start examining her at 12 months. Her dad got laid off from a couple of jobs because of the economy, lost health insurance. She didn't get diagnosed until about age 3 (2010) when they diagnosed her with severe mental retardation. The MRI she had about this time also showed here ventricles still enlarged. Her neurologist at that time did not understand why the hospital where she was born said her ventricels were fine when they are not.

She is now 4 (5 in July)with the mental capacity of a 9 month old. She now has a new neurologist. She just had an MRI so her new neurologist can see if her ventricles have enlarged more than they appeared in her MRI in 2010 and in 2007 from the original ultrasound of my pregnany. He also wants to see if she has a brain tumor. The doctor is also looking for epilepsy. I've been reading a lot on brain tumors and finding there are a few brain tumors that grow from the ventricles in the brain causing the ventricles to become enlarged, putting pressure on the braind, causing hydrocephalus, etc. The only thing is these articles I'm reading list symptoms of each type of brain tumor. My daughter has the mental capacity of a 9 month old (does not speak) so how would I know these symptoms if she cannot say?

My question: is it possible my daughter has had a tumor of some kind in her brain since the womb and if so, is it possible to miss this in previous MRI's? She had two MRI's on Tuesday; one with dye contrast, one without. This is the first time she's had an MRI with dye contrast. Also, is it possible for a brain tumor to cause severe mental retardation or epilepsy?

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