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what are the chances....
oldpineztrvlr posted:
My daughter is 27 yrs old and told me she has swelling on her head. I asked all the usual questions a parent would ask. A tech where she works mentioned it could be cancer so I went over to see her. She has a soft squishy lump on top, rt side that changes in size and causes bad headaches in the evening when winding down. What concerns me is it seems to have "leads", or firm channels that run off it along the right side of her part. She does get migraines but this seems to bring them on. I did not notice any kind of puncture or bite marks, doesn't appear to be infected? I am baffled it changes size, has leads, and comes on twords nite. she first noticed it about ten days ago, and thought it would go away. I need to steer her in the right direction to get help. She has no insurance yet as she has not gotten herself established in her line of work yet. I am hoping someone tells me this is unlikely to be cancer as others seem to be telling her it is.
Thank you for your time.
georgiagail responded:
Internet diagnosis stinks but it is highly unlikely this is a cancer.

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Please do make an appointment for a check up. There are options for free medical care available through cities and states.

Cancer or not, it needs to be checked out by a medical professional.


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