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fatigue or depression
tichth1 posted:
Im currently undergoing chemotherapy and sometimes i just want to sleep and not do anything at all. Not sure if this is part of the side effects of chemo or just part of the struggle to fight back and overcome this.
mhall6252 responded:
Fatigue is definitely a side effect of chemo, and it is a cumulative thing. The more treatments you have, the more likely you are to be fatigued. It's possible you are anemic, which would contribute to the fatigue.

Talk to your oncologist about your blood counts. I found taking a pre-natal vitamin helped provide extra iron and folic acid, and that helped maintain my energy levels. Also, it's usually recommended to eat a higher protein diet. Try for 100 grams a day to combat the fatigue.

And if you can get outside for a brief walk, that can energize you.

Chemo is hard work and sometimes you just have to give in to the fatigue and let yourself rest.
jenna291 replied to mhall6252's response:
I also suffered a lot of fatigue, particularly about 5-6 days after chemo. My infusions were every 2 weeks for 16 weeks, the first 4 were a/c and the second 4 were taxol. Particularly with the taxol, my red blood counts were low making me slightly anemic which made me exhausted. I had booster shots to increase my counts, and was told to eat a lot of iron enriched foods. I don't think it helped all that much, and I truly gave in to my body when it told me to rest.
I did what I could diet wise, including drinking an "Ensure" every day and eating spinach, pasta, chicken soup, red meat when I could tolerate it. Try and stay as hydrated as possible.
Rest when you can, and when you get a burst of energy, a little exercise is good for you.

Many good wishes ~

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