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Swollen nodes?
megatronthewise posted:
about a month ago my supra-clavicular nodes were so swollen that turning my head caused/lifting my arms certain ways caused extreme discomfort. these nodes are still slightly swollen and it concerns me because i've read that swollen supra-clavicular nodes are usually associated with malignancies. I never was diagnosed with mono but i felt fatigue, my spleen was swollen, and my throat was sore. As i got better the swelling in my nodes has gone down to the point that i no longer notice any discomfort in my clavicle area. I'm still concerned though because the nodes are still noticeably swollen if i press on them. (they're squishy/moveable but they seem to be slowly shrinking.) i still have a bit of a cough/sore throat and have been sneezing a lot which i contribute to my allergies. I do not currently have insurance, so I am hesitant to go to the doctor.

I'm 20 years old and healthy with no medical red flags other than the fact that my spleen is still slightly swollen and i occasionally experience discomfort in my upper abdomen which i have attributed to my spleen.

I'd love to get some people's thoughts on this issue and see if y'all think I should get myself checked out just to be certain that i'm healthy. All my life I have been a huge hypochondria. the last time i thought i had cancer it turned i had a hernia (lol)

georgiagail responded:
Your lymph nodes were tender because you have a cold.

Lymph nodes can often be felt by pressing on them. This doesn't mean they are swollen; however, continuing to press on them will make them tender.

Your hypochondria is acting up.


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