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Lump in lower back?
An_246787 posted:
My doctor thinks I've let nursing school go to my head, basically "thinking zebras when I hear hoof beats instead of horses" so I've gotten to where I feel too embarrassed to ask her anything. But maybe someone out there knows what this could be:[br>[br>About two months ago, I noticed a lump in my right lower back, a little over an inch from my spine. It does not hurt, and it seems to be relatively hard. It has not changed in size. It is hard to tell if it is mobile or not because it is in a somewhat fatty area. I have experienced some weakness and tingling in my lower extremities, particularly my inner thighs. I have also had cramps that come and go, and sometimes it hurts so bad I do not want to move for a few minutes. They tingling and cramps could have nothing to do with it, since I have noticed an increase in those since I got the mirena at the end of november. I am relatively healthy. I did notice an enlarged posterior cervical lymph node around the same time I noticed the lump. Went to a doctor about that and was told after several visits that it was changing in size so was more than likely due to an infection. It is still swollen, but I have also aggravated it by palpatating it, constantly. I did not ask the doctor about the lower back lump at the time, but now I'm wondering if it could be cause for concern?
worn1 responded:
You need to see a doctory now. If the doctor you are seeing will not take you seriously it is time to find a new doctor. That lump next to your spine could be causing you problems. Just because it does not feel larger that does not mean it is spreading out below the surface and growing around your spine. As a nurse you should know tumors may appear small on the surface but could spread like a web to other organs. What medication did he put you on and why did he/she not perform an aspirate and send it for a culture and sensitivity.
Swollen lymph nodes and lumps are nothing to procratinate about. The longer you wait the harder it is to treat.

worn1 replied to worn1's response:
correction: should read Just because it does not feel larger that does not mean it is NOT spreading out below the surface and growing around your spine.

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