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What does all this mean?
dtownsley posted:
In 2010 I had an Ultra Sound done that showed = "5.6cm right renal cyst. Normal renal echotecture. No hydronephrosis. Right kidney measure 11.3cm & left measures 12.9cm." I was not told by my doctor at that time of this. Recently after seeing a mass on a CT, for another issue, I had an MRI done, Findings from that are = "4.1cm x 3.4cm x 4.2cm cystis mass rising from the superior pole of the right kidney. Along the anterior lateral margin of this cystic mass is a 1.7cm x 0.6cm x 1.5cm enhancing mural nodule. The enhancing mural nodule would place this renal lesion as a Bosniak lll lesion." With that I went and saw an Urology Surgeon this morning. Worst experience of my life. Without going into loads of detail, he said that Americans throw money away by doing CT's & MRI's, that if we were in Europe or Canada I never would have had an MRI done. And that since the Ultra Sound done in '10 it has gotten smaller & do nothing but another Ultra Sound in 6 months. Is this true? To me the radiologist saw something to classify it as a Bosniak lll now from what he saw in '10, meaning something has changed other than getting smaller, if that is even the case. With the smaller nodule coming off it that would make it a 5.8cm. Can someone help explaining this to me? I tried asking question of the doctor this morning & literally got yelled at. Thank you

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