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Radiation For Brain 1 hour long
bettyb51 posted:
My sister has cancer and it spread through her she has tumors in her lungs near her adrenal glands and a few small ones in her brain. She was told she is in stage 4 cancer and now they called hospice in. She can still walk around and she doesn't appear to be dying. She has had chemo and radiation for months. Then the treatments stopped. She had a big round of radiation again. Then months went by then they found the cancer has spread. My question is they told her there is nothing else they can do for her except give her one last final round of radiation straight to the brain. She had a mask? made and they will be giving her and hour long dose to the brain> My question is .. is this safe?? An hour long treatment? Will she be ok? What can I expect? Also, is this really it? They can't do anything else for her? I feel like they gave up on her.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi bettyb and welcome.

I'm sorry your sister is facing this!

Radiation therapy is a local therapy. This means that it affects only cells in its path and doesn't not harm cells elsewhere in the body or even elsewhere in the brain. I would suggest having a conversation with her doctor to find out what to expect and how you can support her before/during/after the treatment. Be sure to take notes and bring in any specific questions you might have.

Another option for your sister might be to find a clinical trial. New therapies for cancer are being developed all the time. Click here for more information: Cancer Clinical Trials

Best to you and your family during this difficult time -


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