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Just need some advice..
Richstoots posted:
Hello all,

I'm feeling a little lost and just need some advice. I went to the doctor over a month ago with a cough and chest pain that I'd had for at least three weeks.. I didn't have a cold.. just this sudden cough that wouldn't leave me alone. She gave me allergy medication, a nasal spray and anti-biotics over a period of weeks to see what would clear it up.. nothing worked. So, She sent me for a chest x-ray.. which came back clear. I also had an ECG which was fine (As I knew it would be.. my heart is fine.) and I'm waiting on some blood tests at the moment.

I also mentioned to her that I've been suffering extreme fatigue, a weird fullness and ringing in my right ear, almost constant headaches (Which I've never had in the past), pin size red dots randomly spread across my body, random bruises, swollen neck glands, weight loss (Even though, I gave up my excercise), loss of appetite and really bad hot flushes. I haven't it mentioned it to her yet but I've also noticed the last couple days that my tongue is yellow from my gums bleeding so much.. but I haven't changed my cleaning regime or gotten a new tooth brush.. this is a purely new problem without any reason.

And now.. for the past two weeks I've had a low to high grade fever every single day.. it's horrible! I'm starting to get really emotional.. because it's just never ending. I'm actually thinking of asking the doctor to sign me off work for a couple weeks.. and I love my job! But I'm snapping at customers and struggling to get through the day.

Now, The actual question.... My doctor just seems to be going through the motions and doing one new test every time I go in.. which would be fine if I didn't feel so bad but I'm struggling and she keeps asking me to wait two weeks, three weeks between visits to see how I feel... Should I just tell her what I suspect? That it might be Leukemia? That I'm really worried and just want to get to those sort of tests?

I feel really lost. I don't think she realises just how terrible I feel. I'll be getting my blood tests back on Friday and she said to wait another two weeks from then... then go back and see how I feel. When I go back.. what should I say?

Thank you for any help...

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Holly -

I can understand how you must be feeling! Please call your doctor and tell her all of the symptoms you listed here - which are extensive. Let her know how much anxiety and frustration you have. If your doctor is not responsive, please seek a 2nd, or 3rd opinion.

If you are too sick to work, disability is an option that you can explore.

Best of luck getting a diagnosis and treatment!

Richstoots replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you, lovely.. I get my blood work back on Friday then she said to wait about two weeks before making another appointment but if the blood work needs discussing then I'll just go in right away.

I haven't had a sick day in years but I am sorely tempted to be signed off for a while.. I'm just struggling so much.

Thanks again! Hopefully it won't be much longer. X
MilonJones replied to Richstoots's response:
Hello friends,

I would like to say, at first contract doctor and about symptoms of the diseases.

Best Regards
Milon Jones

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