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My Mother has cancer and we dont know how long she will survive
Sararosered posted:
What can we do to help her at home. Are there foods or vitamins that help
georgiagail responded:
Help as in curing cancer? No.

What eating problems is she having?

Sararosered replied to georgiagail's response:
Well like what should she ear verses what she should not eat. and are there any herbs or home remedy's that we should know about. her cancer is so bad that she dose not want to treat it with conventional drugs. It is in her pancreas kiddnys and liver. we also live on an island in Washington so to travel would be verry painful and exspensive.
georgiagail replied to Sararosered's response:
Your mother should eat whatever she feels comfortable consuming. Sometimes lots of greasy foods will cause nausea so they should be limited IF they do so. Otherwise, she can eat whatever she wants. There are no herbal remedies that will cure this and often, they taste terrible.

Keep in mind that poor appetite with weight loss is very common and pushing food in the terminally ill is of no value.

Some folks use the canned enteral supplements (i.e., Ensure), although things like homemade milkshakes are easier and typically have more nutrition than these products.

It is time for the family to enjoy what sounds like the limited amount of time you have with your mother.


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