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Kidney cancer metastasis?
Franks21 posted:
My mother recently found out that she has a complex cyst on one of her kidneys. After a CT scan with contrast and an MRI with contrast, she was told that the cyst is larger than the 1.5cm they originally thought, with thick walls and a "significant" blood supply. She has not yet seen a urologist as she is waiting for an appointment. I have read that thickened walls and a blood supply almost always mean cancer. Is this true? And does the fact that it has a blood supply mean it is more likely that it has spread/will spread to other organs through the bloodstream? They also found a cyst on her ovary on the same side. Not much mention has been made of this and I read that it is extremely rare for kidney cancer to spread to the ovaries. Is this true? Is it possible? Or, is it possible that it could be ovarian cancer that has spread to the kidney? I am so frustrated with the lack of information/urgency (or even return phone calls) from the urologist and will most definitely urge her to seek a second opinion regardless of his findings. We have accepted that this is most likely something that will need to be surgically removed. Any recommendations for urologists in the Boston area?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
WebMD and members can't recommend a specific doctor. However, we do have a tool to help you search: WebMD Physician Finder

We have an excellent Kidney Disorders Community with active members who might be able to address your question.

I'm so sorry you are having a hard time getting information - that must be very stressful. ((hugs)) to you and your mother during this difficult time. I hope you get the proper diagnosis and treatment soon -


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