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Don't know what to do... Please HELP!!!!!
regan757 posted:
This is new to me, and the idea of cancer is not really something that has every crossed my mind. It is just lately in the past 6 to 9 months, I have really felt "strange." I say strange as I lack a better word. I have a lump in my lower back the size of an egg, this has been there 6 months. I now also have 2 more smaller ones around it. They developed in the past month... I get a stabbing pain in the same region which radiates through to my back and down my leg. My lymph nodes swell in my groin peridoically, but now I have noticed it in my arm pit as well. Yesterday, I found a lump in my neck and I have a lump on my temple on my face as well. Both seriously itchy but my face more than my neck. My whole body itches horribly at times. I am also exhausted and feel like I am losing weight, constantly get headaches. I stay cold during the day but get night sweats at night, but am living in a country where waiting for a scan the right way is at least 6 months out. Should I be concerned or just wait it out???
georgiagail responded:
You've had this first lump for the past six months. To parody Dr. Phil "how's that working out for you?" Waiting it out hasn't improved things, has it; in fact, more itchy lumps have shown up.

Thus it is time to get this looked into medically.


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