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just curious
yokeley posted:
hi everybody

i was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ of my cervix my oncologist did a hysterectomy and said it was just inside my cervix not my uterus so it is gone but i will have to see her on a regular basis now to make sure i dont get cancer somewhere else. im gonna talk to her more when i go back and see her but was just wondering what are my chances of getting a second type of cancer since i have already had it? i didnt need any treatments just a hysterectomy. thank you everybody and god bless
georgiagail responded:
Your chances of getting a second type of cancer are no greater now than before. Having had one type of cancer does not increase your risk of getting a different type. The risk of a cancer is that it is not caught before it has a chance to spread to another part of the body.


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