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Help with left chest discomfort issue
augeraud posted:
For the past 8 months, I had a numbness feeling in the chest area, concentrating in the Left breast, upper left abdominal area. It is not a dull pain, but something I feel all day as nagging and uncomfortable feeling (numbness/pressure).
I had done lots of tests, including CT scans, xrays, stress tests of the heart, ultrasounds, endoscopy, etc.
Everything came back normal.

The only visible issue I see, is a small Protruding rib on my left side, it looks like the rib has something attached to it. Doctors say it is probably a Lipoma, but have not confirmed it. How can I confirm this?
Lipomas dont show on CT scans, and they tent to stay for life...there are no choices of treatment other than surgery....and the pain persists if leaving untreated.

Any suggestions?

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