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My brother is so sick, and no one can figure out what it is
greenthumbnana posted:
I would love to have someone to talk to about my older brother. He is 52 years old and has the following symptoms:
* weight loss- extreme, every month he looses more.
* vomiting - he can not keep anything down.
* blood in his stool - Black stools.
* he is very pale
* fatigue - taking a nap nearly everyday, going to bed early

He has had a heart attack and had surgery a few years ago, he has been on medication since this time. In December he started having very bad nose bleeds at night, when he went to the doctor he was told he was taking twice the amount of medication for his heart. They took him off of that medication and also the blood thinners.

He has been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember, he quit drinking all alcohol in December 2012.

He has had an upper GI, lower GI, abdominal x-rays, he is going in tomorrow for another test and they are having him swallow a camera to go through his small intestine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, we are at a loss, and don't know where to turn. We have had a lot of cancer in our family, our maternal grandfather died of stomach cancer (also an alcoholic), our paternal grandmother died of stomach cancer (not an alcoholic), we lost our older brother two years ago at 52 years of age to pancreatic cancer (not an alcoholic), we lost our aunt (dad's sister) to lung cancer. We have lost our paternal grandfather to a heart attack, we lost our father to a heart attack.

Thank you in advance.
aldevra3 responded:
  • your brother may need to be checked for cirrhosis of the liver and needs to have a good gastrointerologist check him out one that deals with cirrhosis and tests to rule out caner of the stomach. only my opinion.
sam1985 responded:
According to the symptoms I feel it is something to do with cancer, I would suggest you to have a look at as they have got the best doctors to deal with cancer.
georgiagail replied to aldevra3's response:
Your brother is certainly getting the appropriate medical workup to determine what the issue is.

The blood in his stools would indicate a GI bleed somewhere, perhaps caused by his years of heavy drinking; lose enough blood and one becomes very pale and very fatigued.


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