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Whole body lymph nodes
ahw1990 posted:
(male/age 22/over weight) A little over a month ago I found one enlarged lymph node under my left armpit (hard and not movable). I didn't experience any pain but did realize my energy levels have dropped about a week prior. I went to a 24hr clinic and was given two antibiotics (amoxicillin & keflex). After finishing the antibiotics i noticed my original node was getting smaller but I developed three more under my right armpit. None of the Doctors in my area are accepting new patients at this time so I went to a nurse practitioner at my preferred office. She looked at my nodes and ordered a cbc, std/hiv, and a tb skin test. I was however told that I have fluid behind my eardrum. Later that night I noticed new itchy lymph nodes over my body (pubic area, chest, neck, legs, arms, and palms of hands). 72 hrs later I was back in her office and was informed my tests came back normal and that is was probably just something viral. I informed her of the new lumps and was told to come back in 2 weeks so she could look at them. That weekend I had two alcoholic drinks that caused a painful sting in my nodes and more nodes to pop up. I informed the nurse practitioner of this over the phone and she did not seem concerned. The day after the two drinks I slept for a total of 13 hrs and the following day I slept 15 hrs straight without waking. My my energy levels keep dropping and I am sleeping more and more. My appetite has been lacking and somedays just the smell of food bothers me. I feel like something is wrong with my body and that my symtoms wont get any better. I now have muscle and neck pain with occasional front right head ache. The lymph nodes keep spreading over my body and the original (left armpit) is back. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this so I can ask my doctor about tests. My cbc results were:

WBC - 6.28 K/uL
RBC - 5.00 M/uL
HGB - 14.3 g/dl
HCT - 44.3%
MCV - 88.6 fl
MCH - 28.6 pg
MCHC - 32.3 g/dl
RDW - 13.1%
PLT - 320 k/uL
LYMPH H - [L> 22.0%
MONO H - 6.7 %
EOS H - 1.0%
BASO H - 0.3%
NEUT ABS - 4.40 k/uL
LYMPH ABS - 1.38 k/uL
MONO ABS - 0.42 k/uL
EOS ABS - [L> 0.06 k/uL
BASO ABS - 0.02 k/uL

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