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second opinion and prognosis
Anuj12 posted:
My dad:

Present age: 68 years; Height: 175 cms; Present Weight: 68 Kgs; Weight at time of diagnosis: 66 kgs
In Feb 2011, there was complaint of pain and swelling in left auxiliary region (lymph node) with tenderness. Left auxiliary biopsy was done on 14 Feb 2011
Ø Biopsy revealed high grade Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma DLBCL CD 20+. Chemotherapy of CHOP regime was advised.
Ø 6 cycles of CHOP regime were done between 1 March 2011 and 8 July 2011. In between after 2 cycles, gall balder surgery had to be performed on emergency basis.
Ø On 24 July 2011, PET SCAN was done and the report was near normal/within limits, except for 3rd left rib showed mild FDG avid (SUV max 3.5) cystic sclerotic lesion (report enclosed)
Ø Palliative radiotherapy was done between 23 Aug 2011 (30 GY) 12 sittings.
Ø Every 2-3 months CBC, LFT, KFT were routinely done, all reports were normal.
Ø Whole body PET SCAN was done on 26 Sep 2012 (enclosed) which showed relapse and salvage chemotherapy with GMOX regime was planned.
Ø 6 cycles of GEMOX was done between 4 Oct 2012 and 21 Feb 2013. After 4 cycles PET CT SCAN was done to see progress/effect of chemo. It showed good partial response.
Ø After completion of 6 cycles, another PET CT SCAN was done on 5 April 2013 which showed FDG avid soft tissue deposit 2.7X0.9 cm in 5th intercostal region abutting the pleura.
Ø Radiotherapy was done between 10 April 2013 and 1 May 2013 to take care of the above problem.
Ø Advised to see consultant oncologist on 1st week of June 2013.
Ø CBC, KFT, LFT reports are normal
Present complaints:
Ø Peripheral neuropathy (hypersensitivity) due to chemo medicine
Ø Generalized weakness
Ø Anxiety
Ø Leg weakness
Ø Postural dizziness and unstable feeling in walking
Ø Using Isabgol to avoid constipation
Present medication:
Ø Vitamin supplements (Lupifit)
Ø Vertin 8 mg on SOS basis
Ø BetaCap TR 40 once a day
Ø BP and sugar within normal limits
georgiagail responded:
Dad should keep his appointment with the consultant oncologist.


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