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Cancer Symptoms, Acid Reflux, or Anxiety?
ottawawoman posted:
Moderate pain in front of throat (near voice box area), moderate pain when turning neck, feels like I need to swallow yet no food in there, moderate pain top of my shoulders on both sides. The pain is short stabbing pain. I have had no injuries to cause this. These symptoms have been going on for the past year, off and on. Seen doctor..they felt around my lumps. That was the end of it, both appts. I can eat and drink with no discomfort. Sometimes when breathing in the voice box area feels really irritated. I have Acid Reflux, Anxiety, allergies, there is throat cancer in my family, my father died of it 2 years ago.
[br>The reason I am on here asking is because right now I cannot afford health care, for at least another month. My health insurance only covers 4 appointments a year. Yeah, already used two for dental and two for throat. Basically they just felt on my throat and used a flash light to look in there. They say nothing wrong. Has anyone ever had these symptoms? If so, what did they tell you?

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